The Better Pet

Topics: Dog, Pet, Love Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Pets are comforting and make great company when no other humans are around. Some people would even prefer pets over humans! This is due to their inability to speak, which makes them an extremely good listener, comforter, and friend. These are some of the reasons as to why we keep animals in our houses. Really though, out of the two most popular pets, which one is the best: dogs or cats? In my opinion, dogs make better pets than cats. First of all, dogs are very lovable. Due to their heightened senses, dogs possess the ability to identify human emotions. If you were to be down in the dumps, your furry little companion would sense your distress and come running up. With its wagging tail, puppy-dog eyes, and irresistible charms, you can’t help but feel better. Dogs are also known for their extreme loyalty, which means that once you get a canine pal, they are there to stay. Loyalty, to them, is a significant commitment. As bonds increase between a dog and its owner, so does their obligation.

Secondly, dogs are helpful and obedient. Several kinds of dogs are employed in human affairs because of their useful traits. Jobs such as being a police dog, hunting dog, and guide dog require powerful canines, trained to trust their commanders and carry out orders accordingly. Unlike other domestic pets, dogs are able to perform these tasks effectively, making them an ideal assistant for such matters. Not only that, but with their clever minds, dogs are also able to quickly learn neat tricks.

Nevertheless, with many positive qualities come a few negative ones. Even with their amazing benefits, dogs can also be annoying to take care of. Compared to cats, dogs require more care, therefore their expenses are greater. Their loyalty and affection could also overwhelm some people, making them seem clingy and too dependent.

In conclusion, even with their minor quirks, dogs possess various excellent features. I would like to state that dogs definitely make the better pet. While...
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