The Betrayal of Julius Caesar

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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1- Julius Caesar lives in Rome, Italy. Some of his most famous battles were in Alesia, Pharsalus, Zela, and Munda. ( 2- Brutus spent much of his adult life in Rome, Italy. ( 3- Caesar was born in 100 BCE and died 44 BCE. He may have lived longer if he lived in modern times. ( 4- Brutus was born 85 BCE and died 42 BCE. He too may have loved longer if he lived in modern times. ( 5- Some cultural differences are that many people in Rome valued public service above almost anything and many people also depended on the work of slaves. In a republic the people rule and make decisions through series of elections. The people wanted Caesar to rule because Rome was experiencing many problems they believed he could fix and because he was kind to the middle class. Brutus didn't want Caesar to become lifelong dictator mostly because he wanted the title for himself. For the republic to have a king, it would actually mean that it would no longer be a republic, having a king means sovereignty and power no longer lies with the people, it lies with the king. In our culture this situation would be handled a lot differently considering we are a democracy and do not want a king, dictator, or ultimate ruler. 6- Caesars story is one of betrayal because Brutus murdered Caesar when Caesar trusted Brutus. ( 7- Ultimately Brutus and other liberators conspired to kill Caesar and did just that. This happened because many people did not want Rome to fall back into monarchical rule and did not like Caesars growing popularity. (
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