The Betari Box-Linking Attitude and Behavior

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The Betari Box
Linking Attitude and Behavior
Also known as Betari's Box, Betaris Box, and the Cycle of Conflict

The impact of attitude and behavior on each other is a closed loop. © iStockphoto/MikeRickword
Natasha's boss mistrusted her. This wasn't because she was incompetent – rather, it seemed to be a matter of principle for him. He spent most of the day watching people to make sure they did their work correctly. He watched the clock to ensure that everyone's lunch hour was exactly one hour long. He even checked their mailboxes to make sure they weren't receiving personal messages. Not surprisingly, Natasha and her colleagues resented their boss's mistrust. As a result, they stopped making decisions for themselves; they just asked him what he wanted when a decision had to be made, and they stopped taking responsibility for what they were doing. This reinforced the boss's belief that they weren't capable of working under their own initiative. Have you ever seen a cyclical pattern of behavior like this in your workplace? It's common in organizations, and it's illustrated in a simple model called the Betari Box. In this article, we'll show you what the Betari Box is, and you'll learn how to use it to improve the mood of your workplace. The Betari Box

The Betari Box, seen in Figure1, is a model that helps us understand the impact that our own attitudes and behaviors have on the attitudes and behaviors of the people around us.

Our attitude plays a large role in the behavior we exhibit. When we're feeling motivated and positive, we smile, we compliment our team, and we empower those around us. When we're feeling negative, the reverse is often true – we can be impatient, we get angry at our people, and we might even yell or argue. These behaviors often affect the people around us. They then turn those negative behaviors back on us, and the conflict gets worse. Although the idea of the Betari Box is quite simple, understanding it can help people learn to...
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