The Best Ways to Prevent Overdue Accounts Using Examples Form Your Own Words.

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  • Published : June 15, 2011
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I dropped out of college many years ago to raise a family. During this period, I discipline my children to work hard in school and make good grades so that one day they can go to college. I always told my children by going to college and earn a Bachelor, Master or even a PHD will provide them great opportunities to achieve big dreams. At this point in my life after almost raising five children in which three of them are now in college, I still have regrets for not completing my studies. But it was not until I was laid off from my job due to the recession when I decided to go back to college. However, I want to continue my education in a manner in which it would not be disrupt my work and family schedule. That is I should have a balance between holding a full time job, family value and schooling. I realized that I can only do all of these things by attending school online. At this point, I filled out an online form to enquire about online universities. To my surprise, I received numerous responds from different online universities. However, I have to make my choice base on certain criteria. Firstly, Flexibility in the time you are attending classroom lectures. That is would I be able to attend classes at a different time period to accommodate my work and family schedule? Moreover, can I afford my program study in relation to school fees and books? Finally, can I get the help I needed to be successful in my program study? I my opinion, I realized that CTU Online is the only university that meet my criteria.

I choose to return to school at this defining moment for the following reasons: I still have regrets for not finishing my Bachelor Degree. Also, how can I be a good role model to my children if I am not a good example to look up to? In addition, I need to retrain for the new jobs in the next decade, so that I can be better equipped to get me a better paying and secure job in the future. Finally, you should always do what you preach. I am telling my children to work hard and make good grades so that one day they can go to college which will in turn provide them great opportunities to achieve big dreams. Yet I have not completed even a Bachelor Degree. These are my reasons for choosing to return to school now.

Even though these are the reasons that inspire me to go back to school, I have always visualized what my life will be like with a college degree both personally and professionally. But to be able to know my accomplishment from now until I attain my degree, I will have to know what my life is at the present time and what is would be in five years from now. What challenges and accomplishment am I facing along the way, my feelings and also the reactions of my family and my friends? It is almost seems unbelievable how fast time goes by. It was only April 5th, 2009 when I started my bachelor degree at CTU Online. At this moment I had just lost my job due to the recession, then my house which was a six bedroom single family home. I was now living in a tiny two bedroom apartment with my wife and children. I wanted my degree so that I can be a good role model to my children. That is to be the first one to have a college degree in my family; Moreover, I wanted them to experience the opportunities that come with a college degree. In the beginning I was very skeptical but on the other hand, I truly believe this is the only way I can be able to achieve great things like a good paying job. Also the only way for me to be self fulfilled. And that it is never too late to achieve greatness. At this point I decided to give it one hundred and ten percent efforts. I was actively looking for a job and helping my seven years old son with school work and doing the cooking and the cleaning in the house. I always keep my hopes alive because I believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is now December 17th, 2013 my dream finally comes true. I accomplish my goal by getting my bachelor degree in...
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