The Best Way to Travel in Prague.

Topics: Prague Metro, Train station, Bus Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: June 25, 2008
I decided to write about Prague ( instead of my hometown ) because We don’t have much sorts of travel and also our Public transport is not at the same level. Those who have been to Prague must admit that there is nothing like long waiting. Whole system comes out on metro which is comparing to human body – the heart, innumerable links of buses and trams – the veins. The best way how to transport in the historic town and city area is by using the tram or your feet, this is the perfect solution for avoiding “shouldering” in jam, and tourist crowded stations of metro. There are no buses in central area; their task is substituted by trams. Very remarkable function of trams in Prague is the connection between stations of metro, in particular those that seem distant and are not on the same line. For further distances, the best way how to travel is by metro. In case that you are far away from metro station, there is huge bus network working synchronized at maximum level of the metro departures, which in morning is 19 times per hour on each line. Buses connect mainly parts that lay on outskirt of Prague, parts which consist of habitation, shopping and industrial areas. The frequency of theirs approaching is depend upon the time of the day and the importance of the spot. Prague integrated transport is based on buses and connects significant outskirt metro stations such as Budějovická, Českomoravská, Luka and Skalka with areas off 30 km from outskirt of city. Public transport in Prague is still developing quickly. This fact is obvious on plan to build a new metro line D, and in plans of extension of line A and C. Working on line C has already started and it’s connected with plans of City department to organize Olympic Games in year 2012. ( extension of the line crosses the building plot of planned olympic stadium complex, huge shopping centre and habitation area called Letňany).
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