The Best Way to Learn About a Foreign Country Is to Read Its Newspapers and Magazines

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  • Published : October 25, 2011
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The best way to learn about a foreign country is to read its newspapers and magazines

Nowadays, newspapers and magazines have become a part of our life. People cannot deny the fact that they need information provided by these media. This information may not only available for natives of the country where the newspaper is published, but also for foreigners who want to learn about this country. I believe that reading these media is the best way for a foreigner to learn about a country.

First of all, these media provide detail information on the lifestyle of people in the country. From this lifestyle, we can understand how people live in the country. For example, in the Islamic countries, the women should cover their hair with some scarf as their religion asks them to do so. They also are not allowed to have a physical contact with the opposite sex, even though it is just holding hands. This rule can be obtained through writings in the media. By having this information, a foreigner who wants to come to a country, will understand how to behave properly according to the rule.

Second, all national issues are printed on the newspaper. If there is a catastrophe or a crisis in a country, the media will definitely inform people in the country through its writings. This can warn not only the citizen of the country, but also others who are not a citizen to be aware when they intend to come.

Third, people give their opinions to the media. When a certain problem arises in a country, there will be many opinions that come out, whether it is from the government member or from the citizen. From these opinions, people can learn how natives think and react to a certain problem.

To sum up, newspapers and magazines provide a lot of information about people and the events that happen around them. Because of that, these media are very useful to learn about a country.