The Best Way to Help Student to Deal with Stress

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  • Published : September 4, 2011
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The best way to help student to deal with stress...........
-Attending stress management course
Stress is an integral part of life, especially for a student. In fact, not all stress is bad. When you recognize that the stress is detrimental to your life, you need to take action. Attending stress management course will help you cope with the daily pressures of study and give you more time and energy to enjoy your studies. There are some benefits when we are attending this course:  Know what stress means and understand the causes of stress when studying. In medical terms stress is described as, "a physical or psychological stimulus that can produce mental tension or physiological reactions that may lead to illness." Causes of stress: lack of sleep, many assignment to complete, financial problems, fail in subject and others.

 Identify the symptoms of stress and be prepared to manage when in stress situations. Symptoms : Constant worrying, Depression, Moodiness, Inability to concentrate. Solution : Be an optimists person, because we can believe in ourselves and our abilities, we expect good things to happen. We see negative events as minor setbacks to be easily overcome, and view positive events as evidence of further good things to come. Believing in ourselves, we also take more risks and create more positive events in our lives.

 Know how to relax and take time out to re-energise.
Example: When you are in stress, relaxing and having fun. Give your brain a chance to rest and recuperate. Examples are going for dancing, catch a movie, making a joke and others. Have fun!

Again, stress is not something that you should be ashamed of. Thus, enrolling in stress management seminars should be considered an embarrassment, but, instead, a means to further yourself and improve. Don’t be afraid of it. Embrace it. It’s for your own good.
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