The Best Selling Condiments in the Usa

Topics: United Kingdom, Olympic Games, Summer Olympic Games Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Milly Cleal
Marketing w/ Advertising Management
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“From an economic perspective, explain the likelihood of success for the UK’s marketing of the 2012 Olympics.”

The British Government has repeatedly stressed the importance of the Olympic Games for the British economy that is currently experiencing its worst downturn in over 50 years. Although they have stated that London and the surrounding areas are predicted to pick up the most wealth during and following the 3 weeks of games. With the event costing in the region of 9.2bn in order to host and create venues, many have been sceptical over it; will it really be beneficial to the Country and its financial crisis? In order to bring in the expected revenue and create the business and job opportunity's the Government has promised the Games have had to have a marketing and advertising plan the Government considers “full proof”.

They started this campaign by using as many house hold names for sponsors as they possibly could, the list is endless consisting of BA Airlines, McDonalds, Fairy Liquid, Coca Cola and Visa. Such companies have branded the Olympics logo over as many products as they possibly can, offering deals to help out 3rd world countries with the extra revenue produced and Innocent Smoothies have claimed to be the “Olympians Breakfast” due to their 5 a day ingredients and obvious healthy nature. The BBC was given full coverage of the Games in order for them to be “accessible for everyone” and this follows suit in the Governments push for these Games producing a “healthier more active Britain.”

This is all goes hand in hand with the Olympics Marketing programme which states “The main objective of the Olympic marketing programme is to ensure the independent financial stability of the Olympic movement.” It was tasked with ensuring the British public knew that the Olympics were going to be self sufficient, that despite the outrageous original cost, it would be a positive...
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