The Best Relationship of Your Life

Topics: God, Love, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (661 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Alyria Dortch
Professor Blann
ENG 1020
March 21, 2013
The Best Relationship of Your Life
I believe getting to know God through a personal relationship with him is the most fulfilling thing a person can do. God presents his friendship generously to all, but many people reject this because they think it lead to "religion". Having a relationship with God is simple, just as any friendship should be. In order for you to have that relationship with God, I believe these three ingredients that will make it worth it: communication, commitment, and love. Talk to God as a child would speak to a loving father. This conversation is called prayer. There are many different kinds of prayer. In this case it’s a simple, private conversation with God. Talking to God is one of the most normal, natural, sane, intelligent and wonderful things a human being can do. You don’t even have to speak out loud. He knows your every thought. He wants to hear from and speak with you. He knows more about you then you do and He loves you. Prayer is not primarily about getting God to give you everything you want. He already knows what you need. While God certainly does invite you to seek His grace and mercy, prayer is first and foremost about worship and thanksgiving. After all, He is the creator, the sustainer and the redeemer of mankind. We have multiple commitments. We want to be committed to family, to church, to personal growth, and to community. All these commitments are good, but they are not equally good. However there is one commitment that always takes priority, that should never be compromised, that should never be relativized — and that is commitment to God. This comes before all other commitments — and in fact it is because we are committed to God that we also want to keep our commitments in all the other areas. Commitment to God is the foundation for all the others, for why we do them - and how we can be successful in managing our multiple commitments. Put God first. Commit...
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