The Best Moment Of My Life

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  • Published: February 1, 2008
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The Waiting room was cold and unfriendly and as the clock ticked away moments of her life she sat nervously. Her inky eyes looked petrified and alone and every time she took her eyes off the clock she thought the other people were starting and judging her.

Was she something to gawp at? Could they guess? She was sick with fear and her hands seemed liquid.

It had been late. Too late and there had been no protection.

The calming breeze swished through her smooth chestnut brown hair.

Her silky, tanned skin glistened in the harsh light of the sun. She was young, attractive…normal. She looked innocent yet she knew that she wasn't.

The girl loathed the doctors. The room was full of people gossiping to each other about what was happening with their neighbours. Think was impossible with all the screaming toddlers. All she wished for was to be back in her room where she was secure, and shut away from the world. She disliked the pea green colour of the walls; it reminded her of the room her Grandma died in a couple of years ago. She did not know why, but somehow the smell of disinfectant helped soothe her feelings. Why was she sitting there? She should have been out with her friends talking about boys, and sharing their new fashion tips, after all, she was only fifteen.

"Laura Dewar to room three please." The voice of the old lady made a chill go through her spine. Slowly she stood up, and walked towards the room. For a slight second she thought she was going to pass out but she took one step at a time eventually reaching the door. She went in and sat as he glared.

"You're pregnant," the doctor said.

Laura sat there with no reaction, just looked at him as if he was stupid. Maybe she never heard. The doctor looked deep into her eyes and asked if she understood what was being said. She looked away, still no reaction. Suddenly, the walls seemed to close into her, and the smell surrounding her seemed evil. She got a sharp knife like pain in her chest and...
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