The Best Mistake I Ever Made

Topics: Death, Cadaver, Driving under the influence Pages: 3 (1319 words) Published: February 21, 2013
12 December 2011
Case #: 10SM04402
The Best Mistake I Ever Made
It was the last day of competition at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, when I was arrested for a DUI. During the day, I drove up to Huntington Beach from my apartment in Mission Viejo and spent the whole day at the beach, enjoying the sun with my friends. After the final competition was over, we headed back to a house of a friend of mine. He was throwing a party since his parents were out of town. All of my friends were there playing drinking games and enjoying each other’s company. I had picked up a bottle of vodka on my way to the party from a liquor store that never carded me. I immediately went straight to the beer pong table after I arrived, and started to play. After playing three games and taking shots in between, the alcohol started to take its course. I began to lose muscle control and started slurring my words as the alcohol began to take effect. After all the alcohol was consumed, everyone naturally wanted to leave. Most of my friends looked to me to be their ride back home, since I was the “least” drunk because of my size. I reluctantly gave in and started to drive back to Mission Viejo. I obviously thought I was driving just fine but I was very paranoid, looking in my mirrors repeatedly for cops. I got everyone home safely without any complications. I started to drive home but suddenly my car stalled. I had forgotten to get gas. My car still had momentum, so I pulled into a parking lot close by. It was nearly three in the morning and everything around me was closed and even worse, my phone was dead. So I decided to sleep in the car until the gas station across the parking lot opened. I closed my eyes for what seemed to be five minutes when I awoke to being seated on the curb with a fire truck in front of me along with three cop cars. I thought this was some type of nightmare. When I realized what was happening, I began to panic. After the medics cleared me, the officers...
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