The Best Job of the World

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  • Published : May 10, 2013
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Poon Chin Chung 12648248

The best job of the world

Have you even imaged that your dream work? Do you believe that a job can eat a tasty food and only play and travel? And than, you can record all the experience from you work? Importantly, you can earn 10 million dollar per month. Actually, it is occur in the world .

The job from Australia government tourist office to hold the applications events . because the organization want to promote the famous view in Australia , that why they have this application and open to all. Many people made a application for this job including Germany, Japan, Hong Kong and other country. This job is only to do six months and it can earn 80 million Hong Kong dollar. It sound a easy job in the world .

Which six job for application from Australia government tourist office? The first one is wildlife caretaker, this job need explore Kangaroo island, the staff will swimming with dolphins and sea lions , they will train the animals and show the energy for the world.

The second one is national park rangers. You must go to rainforest and waterfalls, after that the staff will share the experience in the internet. Their duty is promote and protect the nature of Australia.

Next on is player, the staff will be stay at Sydney for six month. The staff will participate in the cultural activities, art and cultural activities such as the Sydney festival. Their mission is promoting the Australia tourism.

Next one is island adventurer, the staff keep close contact with wild animals and than the staff can travel balloon to enjoy the view. When the staff go home, they will write the travel notes to share for everyone.

Next one is taste masters, I think this is a attractive work, because he can explore the whole of western Australia of top restaurant and bars to tasting menu and wine.

Finally is lifestyle photographer, if you like take a photo for anything, this job is very suitable for you, because the staff will take...
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