The Best Ideas Arise from Passionate Interest in Commonplace Things

Topics: Advertising, Creativity, Communication design Pages: 1 (304 words) Published: September 29, 2012
Many times the best ideas arise from passionate interest in commonplace things. Henry Ford had an idea to manufacture
automobiles, and he made his idea happen. The owners of Google had an idea, and they made their idea happen. These individuals not only made their ideas happen; they took simple ideas and made them work. Examples of commonplace passionate interests can be found by examining careers. An example of a common passionate interest is a career. Ideas from commonplace things are not the only way, but the route I’ll be discussing.

Advertisers are tasked with using their passionate interest in advertising to develop creative ideas that represent commonplace products. One example of this principle can be understood through the Got Milk campaign. The Got Milk campaign consisted of celebrities with milk mustaches. The purpose of the campaign was to increase milk sales. The advertising executive must find a way to relate to the demographic. The idea must create an effective communication channel between the company and the audience. A milk mustache is an everyday item that is identified by all ages. These type of items are good to use in advertising, because they are easy to recognize. That commonplace thing combined with the question Got Milk became a very successful advertising campaign.

Teachers, like advertisers, have a passionate interest in their work, and their best ideas arise from commonplace settings to meet commonplace needs. Teachers use tools to help communicate ideas to students. One tool might be an analogy to help explain something. Another tool might be as simple as providing a visual aid for a visual learner. Visual learners learn more by seeing it rather than reading or listening. That teacher must have the passion to find a solution that will enable him/her to reach his/her students. For instance, an elementary
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