The Best Doughnuts in Manila

Topics: Philippines, Doughnut Pages: 2 (487 words) Published: December 4, 2013
We choosed J. Co because it was one of the fastest growing doughnut store here in Manila. According to Saco (2013) “J. Co came here in the Philippines on March 16, 2012, that is almost a year and a half and it has gathered the attention of the consumers and I think that’s the greatest achievement the we have achieved.” It is truly amazing that they had achieved a lot in that short-period of time that’s why we had chosen it. J. Co was originally from Jakarta, Indonesia it was built by Johnny Andrean, a hairstylist and a businessman. J. Co means “Johnny and company” because he has lots of businesses in Indonesia. We can say that J. Co is a successful business because a lot of people wait in line just to get some their doughnuts and it was featured many times on televisions. Saco also added that the looks of their doughnuts have played a role on attracting their target market. We also know that Andrean is a hairstylist so almost all of the doughnuts they sell are appealing to the eyes and have a class. Their doughnuts are also hand-made and the materials that they use goes to a quality test to give the consumer a unique taste. We can see these in their best-selling doughnut “Alcapone”, it was named before the most-wanted gangster in America, it is a ring donut with chocolate garnished with almonds. The other factor that makes them different from other doughnut businesses is that if you buy 2 dozens you can actually save than buying their 1 dozen or only 1 donut. Plus, the name of their business contributes in attracting their business target because they have received different praises from their customers giving them the identity and popularity that they now have. Those people who doesn’t know what brand of doughnut to buy will refer or asks to those who frequently buys doughnuts or search the web for answers so the brand name does play a great role. J. Co doughnuts also maintain the quality of their doughnuts, specially their best-selling, and often create new...
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