The Best Day of My Life

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Junevica Natalija
February 10, 2013

The most important day of my life.
The most important day of my life was when I received my nursing license. I was very proud of myself that I finally achieved my dream of becoming a nurse. Through discipline and hard work I was able to embrace this day with open arms. Ever since childhood I have known the value of a solid education and also having a meaningful profession. Education is especially important along with being current in our ever changing day-to-day events. Another important factor is having a profession of your own choosing . It all came to me when I was a child. During my summer vacation I used to visit my grandparents. Every morning they would read the daily newspaper and would discuss what they read afterwards. I enjoyed their lively conversations about the events of the day. They would often include me in their discussions and asked me how I felt about certain topics. At the age of ten I remember watching a news channel where they covered the devastating loss of life and property in South America during an earthquake. My heart trembled, I was perspiring and I started to cry. I was so affected that my legs began to shake. I turned to my mother and said,”Oh my gosh what can we do to help those poor victims?” She gave me a hug, brought me to another room, and wrote out a check for fifty dollars. From that day on I realized that my passion in life was to be of service to those in need. The value of focused discipline and hard work encompasses all aspects of life. I learned a great deal about discipline during nursing school. Discipline and hard work is necessary for all achievements, especially outstanding achievements. Discipline goes hand in hand with hard work. Discipline makes it possible to endure the vigors of hard work, making it fruitful and self-fulfilling in the long run. I also realized that discipline is fruitless without hard work. These two qualities...
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