The Best Car for a Teenager

Topics: Automobile, Costs, Vehicle Pages: 1 (277 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Gavin Smith
Mrs. Dale
English 2
13 December 2012
The Best Car for a Teenager
When the average Teenager gets his or her license at the age of 16, most of them will start looking for a car. They will probably look for a car that is expensive and fast like the high performance vehicles made today, but most families nowadays cannot afford such a car. Parents usually want any car that is safe, reliable, and inexpensive. That is why the 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse is the best car a teenager can buy. It has all the features parents would prefer for a first car for their child. These features include: Maintenance, affordability, and most of all it is a very safe vehicle.

The affordability is a great feature of the Mitsubishi Eclipse. This car gets a combined 21 miles to the gallon city/highway, not to mention the fact that you can fill the tank with only $53! The tank can hold up to 17.7 gallons of fuel which means you can drive 366 miles on a filled tank of fuel. Overall, the annual fuel cost is about $2,200 for this car ( The maintenance cost for the Eclipse is another thing to watch out for. The cost of maintenance over a five year period for the Mitsubishi eclipse would be around $3,000 which is an average cost for a car with great performance ( You would also have to take into consideration the repair costs for this car. It costs around $1,000 over a five year period for all repairs depending on how many miles you drive per year.
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