The Best Age to Learn Foreign Language

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  • Published : April 10, 2011
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In recent years, learning foreign language or languages has become a must at various fields of human life. After perceiving the necessity of a foreign language, people decide to learn an important one such as English, Deutsch regardless of their age. It is open to question whether it will be sufficient or efficient for an adult to start learning it, or not. In our country, children start learning English in school at fourth-grade. This means that they meet a foreign language when they're ten years old. This age is also late for a human being to learn a foreign language efficiently. (At this point, the task is assigned to government or parents. Foreign language learning age should be reduced to the age during infancy.) (The best age to learn foreign language is during infancy.)

For a child, his/her infancy is of vital importance in terms of learning foreign language. However, many people beleive that infancy is too early for a human being to learn more than one language. They think that children should not be forced to learn foreign languages with his/her native language. But they are wrong. From birth to the age of five, neurophysiologic mechanism in child's brain is totally active, and with the help of this mechanism language is recorded to child's brain automatically. Like a sound recorder, child records what he/she hears. After that period, this mechanism loses its function. Child can learn a foreign language after his/her age of six, but this will not be supplied by this mechanism but by ability. A baby's brain is so fresh that the number of languages does not pose a problem for it. At birth, its brain is not wired to learn a particular language. A baby can just as easily learn English as Deutsch, French as easily as Chinese. Scientists are also convinced that children do not have any problems when they learn several languages at the same time.It is the baby's early experiences that modify the brain, influencing it to be able to learn...
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