The Best Age to Get Married

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Best age to get married
Once again one of my first essays. Ay advice is greatly appreciated. By the way I know is to long for the TOEFL

Long ago, people used to get married at a very early age. Sometimes by their own choices and others by force. The parents would choose the husbands or wives for their children . This is called arrange marriage which is still practiced in few countries around the world, like in the Middle East, and South Asia. But it is not as common any more because of all the changes in society. It is very hard to identify the best age to get married. However, my personal believe of when to get married is contradictory even to myself, since I got married at a very early age . When you get married young you have many opportunities, that you do not have when you get married at an older age and vice versa. But I can say will full certainty that the best age to get married is a choice made by each and every person and more importantly depending on his or her mature statues.

There are many advantages when you get married young. When I say young I mean on your 20s. For example, if your partner is the same age as yourself, you both can study together, mature together, grow together, and learn how to live and build your life. All of this may sound like a lot of fun for young people who thinks they know everything, but reality is quite different. They do however, have an open mind to every single thing that comes their way. But they are not old enough to have a good job, and be able to provide for the family. Education is the best tool to build the financial foundation for your marriage, and a healthy lifestyle. No matter how mature you are, or think you are there are many things that could be a problem. For instance, young people are very trusting, immature and not as responsible as an older person. Therefore, there are many things to be learned and experienced. Such as having kids.

This is a very important step that should be thought out, and carefully planned. They will need help, because it is very difficult to do it alone. Having kids complicates your life in way that no one knows unless you have them. Of course, that it also has its advantages, it is easier in some ways because you have more patience, and you will grow together with your child. Children are a blessing, that should never be question, but because of this is best to make sure you can actually be there for them support, and raise them with love, care, and respect. Once kids comes into your life, you will not have time for yourself, and sometimes not even for your partner. So a person should have their priorities well set in order to be successful at building a family. Once you are married your freedom will not be the same, and now you need to inform someone of all your plans. You can not just go on a holiday without telling your husband, or even go out with a group of friends in the middle of the night to have fun. This is where marriage starts, and the commitment to it. As well as the respect for your partner. Regardless of your age this will always be a major factor in marriages.

On the other hand, when you get married later in life; in your 30s, you have the advantages of have lived your life, enjoyed it and done all the things you wanted to experience, maybe travel, or simply not having to give any explanation to anyone of where you are, and when you are coming back. By the time you are 30 you are most likely to be more mature than others, more careful in the choices you make, and you would know what you want in a partner. You are probably a successful professional who can support yourself, and don't need to depend on anyone. Unfortunately, the older you are the less chances you have of getting pregnant and having kids. Not everyone has this bad experience, but you are at a higher risk. In addition, you will not have as much patience. As your kids get older so do you and time pass you by and you don't even know when. But marriage...
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