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Topics: Celebrity, Aesthetics, Sexual attraction Pages: 3 (1135 words) Published: May 8, 2013
James Brown
Mrs. Fennelly
English 023
Life’s Image Vs. Reality
In today’s world Image vs. Reality, is believed to be a huge social problem, which has affected the lives of many people. Celebrities have major affects on ordinary peoples’ lives because they try and imitate the lives of our celebrities with what they see on billboards, magazines, and television shows etc. In Daniel Harris essay “Celebrity Bodies” he explains the concept in beauty stating terms such as the “Hollywood aesthetic” and explaining what makes beauty seen in the eyes of others. The reason people try to copy the so assumed “perfection” of are celebrities is to obtain their beauty that they portray among our eyes even though the images of them are mostly fixed. The image of perfection is by far is impossible to achieve, since social media fixes the images of our celebrities into perfect figures, giving them bodies that are naturally unhealthy to have. Instead of being who we were put on earth to be and accept our natural image, we change our bodies in order to try and achieve the impossible.

The impact of social media is by far the biggest influence on our lives to why we want to look and have the bodies of our favorite celebrities, top models, and athletes. We as average citizens would rather want to look and do the things celebrities are doing on a daily. The natural beauty that comes with us is overlooked to extreme limits, which pushes people to make some of the toughest decisions in our life. Reality sets in when we try things that famous celebrities do but hurt us eventually in a way that we cannot recover and causes emotional stress. This can result in going bankrupt, being turned into something that is perceive as being fake, or even losing our life. The stress that comes with our pursuit to happiness is overwhelming bad because people take their time to copy famous people.

The only important thing when it comes to media is the company behind the product is only...
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