The Bermuda Triangle

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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The Bermuda Triangle

The Legend
In the past 100 years, the Bermuda Triangle has claimed over 1000 lives. In reality, that is only 10 a year. Though these lives lost are tragedies, this is not that incredible of a figure. It is how they died that has sparked many legends. The first legends of the Bermuda Triangle begin already with Christopher Columbus. As a captain, he was greatly respected, and his brave sailing efforts helped revolutionize the world. Much of the information we have about Columbus is picked up directly from his journal, so we are able to trace his footsteps to the New World. His first problem occurred as he ran into the Sargasso Sea. The crew was greatly disappointed when seaweed and land birds were sighted, but after a few days no land was to be seen. Days later, Columbus saw a large meteor fall from the sky. It is unsure whether he mentions these occurrences in awe, because of its great size, or in fright. Later in their trip, Columbus and a few crew members sighted a few dancing lights on the horizon. Since Columbus, as many as 100 ships and planes have been reported missing, taking over 1000 lives. A select few of them are reported here...

1872: The Mary Celeste
1949: Second Tudor IV vanishes
1950: Giant US Air Force Globe master lost, American freighter, SS Sandra (350 ft.), sinks without a trace 1952: British York transport plane lost with 33 aboard
1954: US Navy Lockheed Constellation vanishes with 42 aboard 1967: Military YC-122, converted to cargo plane, lost
1970: French freighter Milton latrides disappears
1997: Passengers disappear from German yacht

Perhaps the ocean is to remain a secret to man, a mystery, to keep us away from the power nature truly has over man. This mystery can serve as a warning and to inspire awe into men's heart, looking at the greatness and power this great Creation
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