The Benefits of a Gap Year

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  • Published : October 2, 2010
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Gap years when used productively can be an effective alternative to going straight to post secondary education for students who are unsure of what career to pursue. Taking time off allows students to get life experience, learn new skills and about themselves Try out possible career options, develop a lifelong passion, and meet people that can change your life. Positive or negative experiences can have an impact on what you want to do. Eg working at a job you don’t like will make you realize that you want to go back to school to pursue your dream. Or volunteering during time off may help you realize that you love helping people and what to incorporate that into your career. Avoid wasting time and money taking courses that are not the right choice for the student. When the student doesn’t really want to be there they won’t be motivated to do well. Wasting time spent in school and money spent on tuition. Time could be better spent figuring out what they want to do with their lives and money could be saved to use for when the time is right. Come back to school with more focus and maturity.

Time off allows students to refresh. They come back knowing exactly why they want to be there.

Life after high school can be a very confusing time for many young adults. With so many possibilities out there it can be extremely overwhelming. Many simply aren’t ready to continue further studies. They need to stop and ask themselves why they want to be there. Taking time off allows students to do this. When the time taken off is planned out students can greatly benefit. Getting life experiences that can impact their lives and influence their plans for the future. These wouldn’t be possible with the immediate continuation of their studies.
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