The Benefits of a College Degree

Topics: High school, Graduation, Higher education Pages: 3 (900 words) Published: October 6, 2011
The Benefits of a College Degree
Today with more and more people out of work people are starting to wonder if it is worth it to go to college and get a degree. For someone just graduating high school and the way the economy looks today they would think it is the best idea to go to college and get a degree so they can get hired faster. Truth is going to college means four years or more out of the work force and that whole four years of being in school means that someone who just graduated probably got that job and now has four years of actual on the job experience. Another bad thing about getting a college degree is the amount of student debt that will be acquired. “Many students graduate with many thousands of dollars in variable-rate loans from private lenders”(onlinedegreecenter) this may cause the student to give up their dream in order to pay off the immense amount of student loans. One more major thing to worry about is the field of study. Some majors are really hard to find a career in and to spend four years in college going for that specific major is not worth it. Now even though it seems that getting a college degree is nothing but bad it also has its perks like the financial gain after graduating college and getting a good paying job. “Statistically college graduates with a bachelor’s degree make 105% more than a high school graduate annually.”(earnmydegree) With all that money one would think they were set for life but now student loans need to be paid off.

Four years out of work can really harm you more than it will help you in the long run. That four years that someone is spending in a classroom learning about the job with no hands on experience someone who also just graduated high school is working at the company and getting hands on experience which an employer will deem more valuable than a piece of paper that says they understand the major. They may understand the major but there is no hands on experience. Now there is trade schools that...
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