The Benefits of Winter Swimming

Topics: Risk, Ice swimming, Human body Pages: 4 (1254 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Hannah Langlet
Introduction to Fitness and Activity
Professor Dever
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Tips and Benefits of Winter Swimming

Swimming is a great way to exercise. In the article, “Tips and Benefits of Winter Swimming” it states that winter swimming is referring to swimming outdoors. According to Pointing, “Winter Swimming is done outdoors in freshwater, and often resembles an ice cold bath”(Pointing, 2011). Most people would never think to try this exercise in the winter, but it does have benefits too. According to Pointing, “Winter swimming is very popular and possesses several benefits to the human body as it is a powerful low impact activity”(Pointing, 2011). Winter swimming might become your newfound exercise and hobby.

There are several benefits to winter swimming. One benefit is that winter swimming helps to establish healthy habits that an individual can carry out. According to Pointing, “Winter swimming helps to train the body to adapt to cold winter situations” (Pointing, 2011). By doing this, it helps an individual be able to tolerate all winter conditions; therefore, have a greater resistance. The second benefit is slowing down the aging process. According to Pointing, “Winter swimming helps slow down and retard aging” (Pointing, 2011). Everyone would want to try winter swimming for that benefit. The third benefit is that it improves digestion. As Pointing states, “Winter swimming is linked to improved and enhanced digestive systems” (Pointing, 2011). Therefore, winter swimming can help you lose weight. Overall, there are many benefits to winter swimming.

Winter swimming has benefits, but it also has risks. Everyone needs to understand the risk factors of winter swimming, so they can obtain the success from it. These risk factors need to be understood and taken account for. Of course, the main risk factor is the water getting too cold. According to Pointing, “You may realize the water is cold, you’ll manage to swim across the lake...
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