The Benefits of Weightlifting

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The Benefits of Weightlifting
Weightlifting can be considered a hobby, a sport, or perhaps even a lifestyle. For me, I consider weightlifting in between a hobby and a lifestyle. This is because I don’t weightlift enough for it to be considered a lifestyle, but I also weightlift five to six times a week. I find weightlifting very important in one’s health as well as overall happiness. Weightlifting is a sport that has been around for a long time and is used by many people, including myself.

The sport of weightlifting has a long history. The earliest evidence of weightlifting dates to China's Zhou Dynasty, which took place from the 10th century B.C. until 256 B.C. During this time, military recruits were required to pass weightlifting tests before they were accepted into the military. Various sculptures from ancient Greek civilizations also portray the sport, depicting Greeks lifting heavy stones. The ancient Egyptians even lifted heavy bags of sand for exercise as well. Olympic weightlifting first started in 1896, but the first champion in weightlifting was crowned in 1891. Today, Olympic weightlifting is still an exciting sport to watch. I always get excited when the Olympics come around because I enjoy watching my favorite sport, weightlifting. For example, I remember watching the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece when Hossein Rezazadeh of Iran set the world record for the lift, the clean and jerk. Hossein clean and jerked 263 kilograms, which is about 580 American pounds. I remember watching this at the age of nine being simply amazed at what he had done. The clean and jerk is

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a movement where the athlete pulls the bar from the ground into a standing upright position and then presses the bar above his head to complete the lift. Many types of weightlifting exist. For example, bodybuilding is more of a lifestyle rather than weightlifting because of the strict diet and supplementation. Bodybuilders’ weight...
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