The Benefits of Watching Sports Events on Tv

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There is no worse place to watch a big game than at the stadium, especially when you are not going with a number of friends. Experiences of seeing other live events like baseball, basketball, hockey matches or even popular music concerts could just be different, but definitely it is better to watch the same football event on an HD screen. Ironic but true, some fans believe they have to watch television because they miss too much by actually being there. To begin with, it is more comfortable to watch a football game on TV because you get a better view of the game rather than getting stuck at nose-bleed seats. Money being not the issue with going to the game, there are a lot of inconveniences such as dealing with the traffic, the jaw crusher, and the drunk, rude people sitting next to you, the lines for toilets, and sometimes the hours it takes to get out of the stadium, not to mention the bad weather plus violent incidents. My particular concern, however, is the lack of replay. And believe it or not, often the most interesting and dramatic part of the event can be seen only on cable TV. And this is my personal reason for refraining from seeing live events. Instead I would rather have families to watch the same events at home, even though the games are fun to go if you are with the right friends. On the contrary, some people would not hesitate saying that there is really nothing like being at the football game in particular. Being at the stadium is experience money can buy, if you are not in a recession. That aside, it is about communal atmosphere, the fresh air, and the feeling of 45,000 standing and shouting. That can explain partly why many fans agree that seeing live events are more enjoyable. Besides, you may feel a sense of vanity because of the ticket stub you can stick in a scrap book forever to prove you were there. In conclusion, it is fair to say that either choice has something different to miss. Whether watching sports events on television is better or...
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