The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable

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The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable|
Tanga R. Payne|
Robert WhaleIntroduction to Networking|


I just recently conducted an assessment at Ocper, Inc. After consulting with the president of company, it has been established that an upgrade is immensely needed for company’s current and future progress. Currently, the company has 20 Windows peer-to-peer client computers that connected by coaxial cable, in addition to projecting the company’s prospective doubling in size over the next two years. The president was informed that an upgrade to the company’s network will be feasible, especially if she is projecting company growth. Though she was reluctant in the possibility of changes taking place in the company, I asked the president to allow me to explain how effective the changes will be long-term.

I noticed that the company has an effective network operating system (NOS); therefore, the network can be changed to a client/server network/local area network (LAN). On the client/server network there are several advantages: 1. Client/server network has hierarchical power.

2. Network has centralized control.
3. There is a proper management of files because they are stored at the same place; files are easier to find. 4. Network has Back-up/Recovery: It is easy to back-up data as it’s stored on server. And, in case of breakdown if data is lost, it could be recovered easily and efficiently. 5. Changes to network can be made easily by upgrading server. 6. Server can be accessed remotely. All changes are made only in central computer on which server database exists. 7. Security-Rules and access rights can be defined at the time server is set up. As earlier mentioned, the Ocper, Inc. currently uses coaxial cable as the transmission. medium. The only noticeable benefit of coaxial cabling is that it has lower attenuation at lower frequencies. The Cat 6e (Enhanced Category 6) shielded twisted pair (STP)...
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