The Benefits of the Cahsee

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  • Published : November 30, 2008
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The Benefits of the CAHSEE

Up until the year 2006 California high school students could graduate from high school without being required to pass the CAHSEE. The high school students who graduated before 2006 were able to graduate without demonstrating to California that they had obtained the necessary skills to graduate. Based on the CAHSEE results California public high schools can evaluate whether students have enough math and English skills to graduate from high school. Since 2006 many students have given many reasons to why passing the CAHSEE shouldn’t be a requirement for them to graduate, but there are also many reasons to why passing the CAHSEE should remain a requirement. All high school students should be required to pass the CAHSEE to get a diploma because the CAHSEE tests basic skills, helps schools find problem areas, and shows that the student earned the diploma.

The skills that are tested in the CAHSEE are necessary for everyday life after high school. According to Jack O’ Connell in the article titled “Why the California High School Exit Exam Works”, “To survive in the rapidly changing world beyond high school students must develop a mastery of the fundamental skills in English and math that are measured by the California High School Exit Exam” (1). To fill out a job application a person must have the English skills which are tested by the CAHSEE. Jazmine Livingston in her article entitled “Making an ‘Exit’” states, “And even something as normal as a rental lease or a job application requires the English proficiency that the test also measures” (1). If a person with poor English skills fills out a job application, his or her English skills are probably going to be reflected in the application; thus that person will probably not get the job. Also in order for a person to do a resume he or she needs enough English skills to also pass the CAHSEE. Resumes are hard to construct, especially if a person has poor English skills. Many of the jobs...
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