The Benefits of Telecommuting

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  • Published : April 8, 2008
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The Benefits of Telecommuting

Studies show that telecommuting is gaining popularity with many U.S. employers as they realize the cost benefits offered by telecommuting programs. According to a study conducted by The Dieringer Research Group of WorldatWork (2006), the number of Americans telecommuting at least one day per month has grown by 10 percent in recent years, rising from 26.1 million in 2005 to 28.7 million in 2006, with roughly 20 percent of the workforce engaging in some type of telecommuting work. Predictions are that this number will continue to rise to an estimated 100 million workers by 2010 due to factors such as increased access to wireless and broadband connections, making it less expensive and more productive to work remotely, and an increasing number of employers favoring alternative work programs designed to help employees with a work/life balance. State and Federal government entities are also beginning to recognize the benefits of telecommuting and are passing measures to promote telework programs, such as the Federal 2001 Transportation Appropriations bill, which requires federal agencies to allow all eligible employees whose jobs lend themselves to telecommuting and who would like to telework to do so. The continued interest of Congress in promoting telework programs centers around environmental and energy benefits as well as providing the capacity to remain operational during large scale emergencies. Georgia’s Clean Air Telework campaign is also a good example of recent state focused efforts to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion in metro areas. This program provides grants, tax credits, and other support to local companies to assist them in developing telework programs. (Heibel, 2007) Telecommuting is becoming more common among IT professionals compared to five years ago, new research shows. In a survey of 1,400 chief information officers, 44 percent said their company's IT workforce is telecommuting at a rate the...
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