The Benefits of Study Hall at Cushing Academy

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  • Published : March 6, 2001
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"Mark, you are won't get anywhere without studying", His mother use to tell him when he use to waist all his time playing rather that studying. Mark wasn't such a good student because he wouldn't spend any time studying, until one day his parents decided to send him to Cushing Academy, a boarding school in the USA, which they knew it was going to improve his study habits and help him being more responsible. But what really amazed his parents was this period of time used to study called "Study Hall". Because of its amazing results, preparation for college, and providing responsibility, Study Hall remains as one of the vital qualities Cushing Academy possess and give students an opportunity to lead in higher education.

Study Hall was Mark's first negative impression of Cushing Academy. He thought this was done in order to keep the students in silence and restrain them from having freedom. After he experienced Study Hall at Cushing for over two months, he could really see the changes and results it produced on him. He realized that he didn't have to worry about having enough time for his studies. Also, he could see his grades improve every week. One day Mark received a phone call from his mother. Before picking up the phone, the only thought he had in his mind was that he was going to get grounded for his grades or performance at school. He answered the phone and there was his proud mother congratulating him for his wonderful grades he had. But how did he do it, she asked. His answer was only a simple phrase. "Study Hall mom, I thought this was a torture but it ended up helping me to organize my studies". As Mark was very satisfied with his results, many other students also express to their parents how helpful was Study Hall in Cushing Academy.

The same what Study Hall keeps students in their desks from 8:00pm to 10:00 pm, it's a great method of improving a student's responsibility. When someone is into a routine of doing something every day...
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