The Benefits of Study Abroad

Topics: Anxiety, Homework Pages: 3 (735 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Part 1 Grammar
1 a
2 b
3 b
4 c
5 b
6 a
7 b
8 a
9 b
10 b
11 c
12 c
13 b
14 b
15 c
16 a
17 b
18 a
19 b
20 a
21 c
22 a
23 b
24 a
25 b
26 b
27 a
28 a
29 b
30 c

Part 2 Writing
As I have been studying in China for almost 4 years, and my professors always recommend me to make a further study abroad, I finally have made up my mind to get a master degree in Australia. It is not only because I have been told that the education system in Australia is quite different from the one in China, but also there has a strong academic reputation in the field of Business. Speaking of Melbourne Institute of Technology(MIT) and University of Ballarat(UB), I have heard that the campuses locate at the downtown of the two biggest cities in Australia which are Melbourne and Sydney. Besides, some courses are accredited by professional bodies such as the CPA Australia, which will give me professional development opportunities. Furthermore, as I know, the class sizes are smaller than traditional universities that will encourage me to participate and develop confidence. I am certain that I will try my best there and achieve my maximum potential. When I come back to China after studying, I will be more competitive and definitely make a major contribution to my future career. In a word, the two-year master study in Australia will not only offer me an opportunity to improve myself in every aspect with professors and fellow students from many other countries but also obtain social skills and international insight in my major as well.

Part 3 Reading
1. There are a lot of common causes of stress. One of the most common causes is work. Another one is school for those who have not entered the working world yet. Also simple family life can be one common cause of stress. 2. The combined stress of both work itself and the possibility of losing it creates a sort of double-stress, which means that not only do...
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