The Benefits of Student-Run Extra Curricular Activities

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  • Published : October 18, 2012
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The Benefits of Student-Run Extracurricular Activities
Nearly every student today finds school tiresome, repetitive, and boring, which is why they rely on hobbies, clubs, and each other to stay sane. Can you imagine a world where kids did nothing but go to school, go home, eat, do homework, and go to bed every day? In his article for ChiPsych Today, child psychologist Dr. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt states that “This type of world would deteriorate fast since students would never learn to function in the complex society that we live in today”. These children would become stressed, lonely, and antsy. Conformity would infect the schoolyards and classrooms because children wouldn’t have the chance to diversify or grow up independently. This is why it is crucial for students, their learning, and society in general for schools to do everything that they can to encourage and support student run extracurricular activities. Schools should support these types of activities because they benefit the students by reducing loneliness and ostracism, they benefit learning by teaching students things that they do not have the opportunity to learn in the classroom, and they benefit society by providing it with a more diverse, well-equipped workforce. Being social is a part of school that highly contributes to the happiness level of students. No matter how shy or introverted a student is, to get through high school happily and successfully, theyneed friends to share themselves with, to keep them company, and to practice their social skills with. A child without a friend is like a plant without water because he or she will never develop properly without one. Student-run clubs provide strong social bonds that bring students with common interests together. “Trying to make friends is often a very difficult task for youth these days” says Dr. J.J.J. Schmidt, “many students have trouble making friends with other students in the classroom because they are not allotted the...
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