The Benefits of Student Participation in Community Service

Topics: Community service, Education, High school Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: March 9, 2013
Scholars spreading the words around Miami Edison High School about the proposal of making community service a graduation requirement. What most students would say is “I have enough chores at home, I have a social life, and enough school work to complete”. But that is just excuses so that students wont have more events to accomplish. I think it is an excellent idea to have community service a requirement to graduate because students need experiences and helps in their interpersonal skills. Community service is an extraordinary task that would benefit students as a requirement to graduate.

To begin with, students will have new experiences. Even though scholars are going to be complaining about having an extra task to fulfill in their lives, they’re going to appreciate that their school has a mandatory community service hours to graduate. For example, one girl in school doesn’t know what interest her, but with community service she would acknowledge what she would like to be in the future. She could go to the hospital and volunteer and experience what nurse goes through every single day, the girl would learn the basics of what a nurse does and the girl would have an idea of how it would be in the future if she becomes a nurse later in life. Therefore by having community service it will aid you to decide what career you would like to study for in the future.

In addition, mandating community service succors scholars to learn interpersonal skills. For example: volunteering in the hospital would help you develop social skills, like being able to talk to adults and to talk to people you don’t know. Also when they are helping out the community while helping themselves to graduate the students would learn to become responsible, which would help the scholars in their future job. Moreover they would learn what they like and dislike. Students would learn how to prioritize their time wisely. Community service should become a requirement to graduate since scholars would...
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