The Benefits of Social Networking Sites

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  • Published : March 20, 2011
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The Benefits of Social Networking Sites

A daughter in the Dominican Republic sees a photo of her mother, who moved to the U.S. ten years ago and has not been able to return home. A small business increases sales by 25% after posting a single ad on a networking site. A lonely high school sophomore joins the debate team after receiving an invitation from the school’s fan page. Countless such stories describe the way social networking has enhanced the lives of users. Social networking sites benefit individuals personally and professionally.

Through social networking sites, one can stay connected to family, friends and meet new people with similar interests and goals. According to Danni Miller “The study of the Girl Scouts Research Institute showed that 52% of girls have used a social networking site to become involved in a cause that they care about, and more than half agree that social networking online helps them feel closer to friends.” Thus, social networking sites provide us a way to stay connected to our loved ones even if we are not close to them. Through social networking sites, viewers can see recent pictures of family, what they have been up to, and even stalk them if they want to. Furthermore, one of the benefits of social networking sites is that viewers can simply type a name and see a picture of someone they have not seen in years. Moreover, social networking sites provide a way of expanding the list of friends and acquaintances without having to leave home. Danny Miller also makes references that after doing a search to find a social networking site, one can begin the quest to meet new people by filling out one’s interests, or looking for pages on the website that people have joined with that same interest. By utilizing the websites software and linking ability, one can meet a new person who has similar interests. Social networking sites connect people who have already met in real life and introduce people who are looking for friends.

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