The Benefits of Public School Versus Homeschooling Children

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  • Published : May 27, 2012
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It is said that homeschooling is best, but children can still get a proper education from public schools even though the odds are against them. Both homeschooling and public schools help teach children what they will need to so they can prepare for their futures. In today’s society more families are leaning more toward homeschooling their children before fully weighing out all the options that are available to them. People focus only on the negativity of the public school systems not realizing there are also many benefits when they allow their children to be educated trough the public school system. When trying to make decisions such as these parents have to determine what is best for their children. They must weigh out all the options available to their children in order to ensure they are getting the type of education they will need and deserve. Parents need to make sure they are researching everything properly before making any final decisions about what type of education they want their children to receive. Both homeschooling and public schools follow a similar curriculum and require statewide testing to ensure children are learning the information needed and required by state laws in order to receive a high school diploma. Both methods of teaching are focused on ensuring children are receiving the education they want and need in order to succeed in life. Even though homeschooled students can learn at their own pace they are still learning the same material taught in the public school system. Parental involvement is required with both options to ensure the children succeed in their school work. The more active a parent is in their child’s education the more likely that child is to succeed. As stated by the LSUAgCenter children usually have higher grades and better attitudes when their parents are closely involved in their education. Public schools can benefit children in many ways if parents are willing to keep an open mind to what their children can...
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