The Benefits of Multicultural Education in the Classroom

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  • Published : May 26, 2013
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I have grown up with Education being my catapult through life; I enjoy it. I love to learning about children and figure out how they learn best and how our educational experiences can shape us as adults. Two years ago, I found myself accepting a position as a teacher Aide in a special education classroom in Pasadena ISD. To describe it simply, I was like a fish out of water. I had lots experience with children. I raised two boys of my own. But I had no experience with children of special needs. This experience taught me a great deal about learning in our great world. I was amazed to witness the pure relationships between children of all ethnic background and children with special needs as well All color aside, the children seemed to embrace each other's differences and celebrate in their dedicated friendships. It would be a beautiful world if we could achieve this oneness within our public school classrooms. Multicultural Education is essential to improve Societal and Economical factors that significantly cause the lack of cultural diversity within the classroom. Children, who continued to be taught in diverse classrooms would reduce animosity among all races, improve the performance of minority groups, and provide an equal educational experience for all. Integrating multicultural education in school is beneficial for the reduction of racial stereotyping and the performance of minority races. I believe multicultural education embodies a perspective rather than a curriculum. Teachers must consider children's cultural identities and be aware of their own biases. It is tempting to deny our prejudices and claim that we find all children equally appealing. Teachers and parents need to acknowledge the fact that we, like our children, are inevitably influenced by the stereotypes and one-sided view of society that exists in our schools. Not only must we recognize those biases, but we must change the attitude they represent by accepting all children as we...
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