The Benefits of Mobile Communication to Azerbaijan

Topics: Mobile phone, Text messaging, Internet Pages: 2 (469 words) Published: October 31, 2011
the benefits of mobile communication to Azerbaijan society
Everyday life is made up of a broad range of social practises that recur in routine of people’s experience. They include work, family sociability, consumption, health, social services, security, entertainment, and the construction of meaning through perceptions of the socioculturial environment and… mobile communication. Mobile communication have been of uncountable or rather immeasurable benefits to the world today Today's mobile devices provide a wide array of benefits with respect to mobile communications. Several types of mobile devices exist, including cell phones, netbooks. The design of these smart electronic devices, the way of communication has altered entirely as mobiles help peoples stay in touching all day and one does not have to stay at the desk or near the telephone to wait for a significant call option. An obvious benefit to mobile devices, such as cell phones, is the ability to make and receive phone calls regardless of your location. Another benefit of mobile communication, particularly on cell phones, is the ability to send and receive text and multimedia messages to other people. For example, if you know someone is in a meeting, but you need to tell them something right away, you can simply send them a text messages. Multimedia messages are those messages that include pictures. Sending both of these types of messages on your mobile device makes communication more convenient. Today’s mobile devices, including cell phones, netbooks and tablet computers, often include access to the internet through various means. For example, you can connect your phone to the internet through your mobile provider's network, or through your home or office Wi-Fi connection. Browsing the internet on your mobile device gives you instant access to your email, your company homepage, social networks and driving directions. Each of these tools--the ability to make calls and send and receive texts, along with...
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