The Benefits of Long Distance Learning

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  • Published : August 15, 2010
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The Benefits of Long Distance Learning

COM 150

Alison Bonham


The Benefits of Long Distance Learning 1

Taking college courses is a great way to get a college degree but, this route is not best for everybody how can you be sure that this is the right path for you to take as a student? There are many colleges offering classes on line to take. Is it best to go online to learn or is it better to take classes on campus? This is a question that a lot have to face with so many options available to higher your education which would be more beneficial to the student looking for a higher education? No matter what you decide there are always advantages and disadvantages to every decision you make. There are many benefits out there for a student that decides to take classes online, and here is why distance learning is more beneficial.

There are many benefits for a student that wants to take their classes online. The first is time management. Most people these days are very busy they have jobs or even children that they need to tend to. Online classes would be great for someone that is a busy person. Learning online does not require being at your house on your computer at a certain time of the day. You can work the course assignments and the class around your schedule instead of the other way around. Online class is great for those who really don’t like being in class early in the morning and have a hard time waking up. ( Rockler-Gladen, 2010)

Another good benefit about taking your education online is location, location, location. You no longer need to be in a particular area just to get your college education. One of the great things about going to school online is that you do not need to drive to class. In the long run this will save money on gas for transportation to class. That makes a lot more flexibility for the student just in case a college may not offer a certain course of study that they are interested in. ( Rockler-Gladen, 2010)

There is one thing that most students’ hate about taking classes in an on-campus environment and that is taking notes for class on everything that the professor has to say. Everybody really dislikes having to write down notes all through class. This is beneficial once again because you won’t have to spend money on notebooks or pens to take the notes with. ( Rockler-Gladen, 2010) Most, of the professors that teach the online classes can offer helpful multimedia helping aids for their students that are taking classes online this is another benefit for taking classes for college online. ( Rockler-Gladen, 2010)

This is not a great benefit but you will not have to have a dress code if you decide that you want to do your work in your boxers then you have the freedom to do that. Some online colleges do require you to have a webcam for the class. So if you are a student that likes to run around in the nude: not that I recommend that they do that but you never know. So if you don’t like to follow a dress code then taking you education online is a plus. ( Rockler-Gladen, 2010)

The benefits of Long Distance Learning 2

Some people may be scared by having to be in class itself because of issues of being a little shy. This would be a great path for this kind of person to take so they may not be so intimidated about having to be in class. Online classes are great for those who may have a social disorder and have problems leaving the house. ( Rockler-Gladen, 2010)

Most students spend a lot of money for room and board, books, eating at the school cafeteria, and personal living expenses. Taking your education online is not so pricey. For the most part you just need to pay...
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