The Benefits of Green Technolgy

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The Benefits of Green Technology on Society
Yolanda Moody
Computer Literacy 103
Nancy Elelko
May 9, 2011

The Benefits of Green Technology on Society
Over the last decade there has been a major push with the concern over the environment and its effects on climate change. The changes to the environment are blamed on the rise in human population, these changes ultimately led to the establishment of the “green revolution.” “Climate change concerns and an increased international awareness to protect the environment have made adoption of green practices a priority” (Communications Today, July, 2010). Green technology basically is technology that is environmentally friendly and is made and used in a way that uses fewer natural resources. Green technology also is meant to create alternative sources of technology that reduce fossil fuel and demonstrate less damage to humans, animals, and plant life the world in general. The goal of green technology is to find ways to produce technology that does not continue to deplete and damage the environment. Even though green technology can be costly, consume less energy, water and natural resources, it’s healthier for you and the environment, it saves money by reducing cost, and makes money through creation of green jobs and governmental tax incentives. The key for making this type of technology and way of life is making it sustainable for everyone over a long period of time. The most urgent concern with wanting to implement green technology is for purposes of energy. “There is a need to find ways to produce more efficient ways to produce energy without burning all of the world’s coal and all the worlds’ fossil fuels and natural resources (, 2011).” Energy is the resource that powers the world. Finding new sources of energy and ways to distribute it is so important to the future of mankind. Other sources of energy like solar power, wind power and alternative use of new fossil fuel are imperative to society becoming energy efficient. “If you can measure how much fuel and electricity you consume, the benefits of reducing energy use to the environment and to the bottom line are relatively straightforward (Elana Varon, June 1, 2010).” Consuming less energy, water and natural resources is a primary goal of green scientist, because it is healthier for you and the environment. There is a push to get rid of old methods and incorporate new methods. The new methods of productions should produce the same results however they should be beneficial to the environment and the people in it. “The more we apply technology to all the wasteful things we have, the better off, ultimately, we're going to be (Elan Varon, June 1, 2010)." The United States Department of Energy says that the United States is the largest consumer of energy (United States Department of Energy, Dec. 12, 2010).” Reduction of greenhouse gases is imperative to the protection of the ozone layer. The increase in greenhouse gases causes respiratory problems for humans such as asthma (United States Department of Energy, Dec. 12, 2010). Local governments are being asked to come up with a climate action plan. These plans are in an effort to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases. The most abundant greenhouse gases listed in order are: water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane gas, nitrous oxide, ozone, and chlorofluorocarbons according to the (Us Dept. of Energy, Dec. 12, 2010). The biggest push for the reduction of greenhouse gases have been but in place by the Environmental Protection Agency under the Clean Air Act. The Clean Air Act was established in an effort to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases. The effort to reduce greenhouse gases would decrease the rate of climate change that effects direct temperature change, air quality, effects on extreme weather events, and climate sensitive diseases.

Modern global anthropogenic carbon emissions (Wikipedia, Dec. 2008).

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