The Benefits of Enterprise Systems

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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What are the benefits of enterprise systems? What are the challenges of enterprise systems?

There are four major systems that consist in the digital firm which is the supply chain management systems, customer relationship management system, enterprise systems and knowledge management systems.

Enterprise system provide a technology platform where the organization can coordinate their major internal business process which include the key internal process of the firm, integrating data from the manufacturing and distributions, sales, finance and human resource.

Enterprise system also known as enterprise resource planning (ERP). This system is develop to solve the problem of the typical arrangement of information system. The typical arrangement of information systems is build with many different kind of information that supports different functions, organizational level, and business process. Most of the system builds in around different functions and it is lead to none integrated between the business units and business process. Managers will find difficulties in gathering data needed.

There are few benefits of enterprise systems. Firstly, the enterprise system has brings changes greatly in firm structure, management process, technology platform and business capability of an organization. An organization can use enterprise system to support the organization structure and to create more disciplined organization structure compared to the typical arrangement of information system.

Secondly, information supply in the enterprise system is structured around cross-functional business process and it will improve the management reporting and decision making. An enterprise system can help the organization to determine which products are most or least profitable.

Apart from that, the enterprise system promise to provide organization with a single, unified, and all encompassing information technology platform that houses data on all the key business...
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