The Benefits of Buying Recycled Goods

Topics: Recycling, Waste, Reuse Pages: 2 (677 words) Published: April 7, 2013
The Benefits of Buying Post-Consumer Goods

Imagine looking out your window and seeing nothing but garbage littering your lawn. This may be a little extreme, but without the recycling business this is exactly how our planet would look. In order for the recycling business to continue, recycled products have to have value and there must also be a need for them. Purchasing post-consumer recycled goods does just that. Without recycling programs worldwide, the Earth would be drowning in garbage and our future grandchildren and children would be affected. We must do our part to ensure that this does not happen, by purchasing recycled products. Throughout this paper I will define post-consumer goods and describe the many benefits of purchasing them.

As we all know, to keep our planet from turning into a giant pile of garbage, it is essential that we recycle. But what happens to all of the products and materials that we recycle? They are used in post consumer recycled goods, such as newspapers, magazines, and so much more. “Post-consumer goods are materials or finished products that have served their intended purpose and then are recovered from disposal to be converted into something else.” ( Post-consumer goods are available for purchase by the general public in millions of stores all over the world, and in order to support the recycling business and save our environment we must purchase these products. In every store you go to if you search for them, you will find products made from post-consumer recycled goods. “Recycled newspaper can become egg cartons, telephone directories, and even kitty litter. Metal cans are used for bike parts, car parts, and household appliances. Glass bottles can be turned into fiberglass, and plastic bottles can be transformed into carpet, backpacks, and fleece.”( These are just a few of the many products made from recycled material and by purchasing any of them you are helping to do more than save trees....
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