The Benefits of Attending a Culinary Program

Topics: Cooking, Education, Nutrition Pages: 3 (1027 words) Published: April 28, 2011
In the last decade, the culinary arts have become hugely popular. As a result of this growing trend, many people consider attending a culinary arts program or school, either because they want to pursue a culinary career or because they just want to learn to cook for their own enjoyment. Sometimes, though, people can be skeptical about whether a specialized culinary education, or even a few cooking classes, is really necessary. If you are in the latter group or considering which path to take for your culinary education, here are some important things one will learn when attending a culinary school.

Culinary programs begin with the basics of the kitchen. One of the first lessons someone will learn is about kitchen safety such as handling knives and what to do in an emergency such as a fire. Students will learn basic food preparation guidelines such as what temperature is acceptable on meats. Students will learn basic accounting, computer skills, inventory management and even some psychology. Culinary arts schools want their students to have a diverse background because the workplace is so diverse. Culinary school will also teach students how to work together as a team, since no kitchen can be successfully run by just one person.

Possibly the most important thing one will learn is nutrition. Nutrition is about more than what the label on the back of a package says. In fact, food labels can be extremely misleading. The human body needs a host of vitamins and minerals every day in order to maintain its good health, as well as other things such as calories and fiber. Unfortunately, food labels are usually geared to sell, and can sometimes confuse and mislead consumers. Think, for example, about the subcategories listed under the total carbohydrates: sugar and fiber. Often, these amounts don’t add up to the total carbohydrates. What does this mean? How do sugar and carbohydrates differ? In addition to confusing packaging labels, one has to worry about how to...
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