The Benefits of Animal Testing

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  • Published : April 2, 2012
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Animal Testing: Necessary or Not?
In the world today, innovation has been the trademark of the century and there are improvements in almost all fields: technology, entertainment, transportation, even in healthcare and medical treatments. These vast changes are not the result of some magic or luck; there are reasons that these benefits have occurred. In the medical field, expansion is rapid. An internet article for the Healthcare Network states, “29 medical-technology studies were adopted to the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio in 2010-11, a 290% increase on the previous year. The figure more than doubles the number of med-tech studies adopted from 2007 to 2010…” What this means is that the medical field is expanding at a rapid level, and the reality is that there is even more room for growth. One way the medical field can create new innovations is the use of testing experiments on animals. These experiments are used to test products and medicines in order to make the products exactly as needed to perform to full expectations. The use of animals being test subjects for many different studies is objected by many; however, using animals for scientific discovery is beneficial and should be continued.

The issue of animal testing has been around since the beginning of medical science. It has been used to test for vaccinations, the effects of certain diseases, and even has been used to explain how certain medical problems occur. This debate of animal testing has spread worldwide, and has affected millions of people throughout the world. One reason that this issue has become increasingly controversial is because of the conditions of the animals. There have been more and more stories of animal cruelty throughout major corporations and industries, especially across the field of medicine and medical technology. Many people now associate animal testing with animal cruelty. This circumstance has created the rise of a new issue in the future on ethics and...
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