The Benefit of Music

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The Advantages and Disadvantages when Playing A Musical Instrument. I.Introduction
There are several advantages and disadvantages when playing a musical instrument. (Thesis Statement) Body
II.The first advantage of playing musical instrument is increase the capacity of your memory. A.Stimulate your brain and can increase your memory.
1.The part of the brain that control motor skills such as using your hands, running and swimming will become more active. 2.Help your IQ increase in seven points, in both children and adults. (Alleyne,2009) B.Changes the shape power of the brain

1.As a therapy to improve cognitive skills.
2.Musicians show improvements in auditory verbal memory and auditory attention, but not in visual memory or visual attention.

III.Next, the advantage of playing musical instrument is expose to cultural history of an instrument. A.Music has their own history and background that can further your appreciation of other cultures. 1.Learn a variety of music types such as classical traditions, folk music and other genres 2.Certain musical instruments have represented the identity of community such as gambus. B.Care about the remain of ancestors such as classical music so that it will not disappear by the lapse of the time. 1.Expose the younger generation on to classical music.

2.Campaign for the preservation of classical music instrument.

IV.Besides that, boost your team skills also one of the advantage of playing musical instrument. A.Playing an instrument requires you to work with others to make music. 1.Band an orchestra setting you must learn how to cooperate with the people around you. 2.Playing music as a group builds a sense of community and enables you to feel as if you belong to something bigger than yourself B.To make beautiful and organize music.

1.Each player and section learns how to listen to each other and play together. 2.To perform in a group you must have tolerance for each others

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