The Benefit of Business Coaching for the Intercultural Management

Topics: Management, Leadership, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 17 (5166 words) Published: November 14, 2010
Master of Intercultural Communication Studies Winter semester 2009/2010 Course: Intercultural Management Administration: Jacek Sojka

The benefit of Business Coaching for the intercultural management

M. Stollenwerk


1. Introduction
2. The main requirements on intercultural management
2.1 Aspects that influence intercultural collaboration
2.2 Demands on international managers
3. Business Coaching
3.1 “Coaching” - one term many prospects
3.2 Methods of business coaching
3.2.2 Individual Coaching Group Coaching
4. The potential for conflicts and the use of business coaching in international management 4.1 The potential for conflicts in international management 4.2 The benefit of business coaching for international management 5. Conclusion 6. Literature

1. Introduction
As globalization shapes the role of managers, international responsibilities become the norm rather than the exception, and contact with other cultures becomes commonplaces. The need for managers to understand the influence of culture on management has never been greater. According to this development, business coaching is more and more demanded ever since. Due to the high percentage of expatriates who fail in their assignments, international organizations pin their hopes on business coaching to help their managers develop the necessary skills for a successful international collaboration. In order to take a close view on the actual benefit of business coaching this paper will first illustrate the necessary requirements on intercultural management to get an idea about the required skills which need to be developed. This includes a detailed consideration of the possible and actual influences on international co-operations as well as the demands and challenges of international working expatriates. To get a proper idea about business coaching this paper will subsequently take a look on different prospects of the term “coaching”. In order to differentiate the efficiency of variable coaching types, the different methods of coaching and their advantages for certain operative ranges will be illustrated. Subsequently this paper gives an overview of the potential conflicts in international working fields to see in which aspects coaching can be a successful support for intercultural working managers. Finally the frequency and benefit of business coaching will be analyzed and concluded which methods of coaching are effective and profitable for the intercultural management. 2. The main requirements on intercultural management In order to get an explicit idea of the aspects in which managers of international companies need to be trained this chapter will take a closer look on the necessary requirements for a successful intercultural economy relation. To obey this problem this part will first give attention to the factors, that affect successful international co-operation. In this first chapter the main changes in international management caused by globalization are illustrated. To get an idea about how an appropriate business coaching can look like the necessary qualities, which an international working manager need to fulfill will be described in the following. This includes an overview of the field of activities of an international manager as well as the individual factors that a manager of an international co-operating company need to fulfill.

2. The main requirements on intercultural management

2.1 Aspects that influence intercultural collaboration The requirements on an international co-operating management has changed a lot due to the worldwide globalization since the beginning of the 1990s. A very appropriate description of the affects of globalization gives Parker, when she specifies globalization in general as an increase in the permeability of traditional boundaries, including physical borders, such as nation-states and economies, industries or organizations, and less tangible borders, such as cultural norms or...
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