The Benefit and Cost of Olympics

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The evaluation of the benefits and costs of Olympics
Around the world, most of the mainstream countries have invest lots of manpower and material to bid for the Olympics games. Right now, L.A. just express its preference in bidding the 2024 Olympic Games, though it still has fiscal difficulties. Under such circumstances, evaluate the benefits and disadvantages brought by Olympics can help us to develop an objective attitude towards Olympics. There are opinions that hold positive attitude towards Olympics and think that they can bring massive benefits for holding cities. However, combining the analysis of four aspects, including the economic results, social influences, environmental influences, and political impacts, the author thought the cost of Olympics far outweighs the benefits.

First of all, from the perspective of economic consequences, holding an Olympic is quite expensive and economically inefficient. Take the bidding for 2012 Olympic as an instance, each city participated in the bidding process is expected to spend about £20m, and when it goes to the holding process, at least £6.5bn is necessary. That could be quite a burden for a country's finance. Though there is also a view thinks Olympic brought incomes through stimulating tourism and sport relative industry, and Janson (Cohre, 2007) also get a conclusion from his study of every summer games during 1992 to 2004 that Olympic hosts 'tourism growth rates "were 2.3% higher than the global rate in the four years before the Games and 2.2% higher in the years after the Games". Actually, such increase cannot make up for the huge expenditure when holding Olympics. Taking 2008 Beijing Olympic as an example, the government has gain an income of about ¥20 bn directly comparing to its direct expenditure of ¥40 bn. Besides, except for the direct cost for building sport venues and facilities, there are massive cost for comprehensive construction in the city, including the transportation facilities...
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