The Beneficial Impact of Olympic Games

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The Beneficial Impact of the Olympic Games

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The Beneficial Impact of the Olympic Games

Have you seen an excellent opening ceremony of the Olympic Games? Have you enjoyed watching the most skillful competition at the Olympic Games? Have you been deeply touched by the Olympic spirit during the Olympic Games? Since the first Olympic Games in ancient Greece, this famous competition has become a symbol of the best sports in the world. Every country applies to be the city which could hold the biggest games, so they are doing a lot of preparation for showing the highlights of their cities. The Olympic Games not only provides the most exciting moments to people, but also brings unbelievable benefits to the host city, such as promoting tourism, bringing incredible economic profit, and providing a lot of job opportunities. Tourism

Tourism not only is the most important way for cultural exchange; but is also a main income for every city. The Olympic Games has promoted Olympic city a lot because it tempts a lot of overseas visitors to support their own countries. In “Socio-economic impact of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games,” Haynes, Jill (2001) writes that between 1997 and 2004 an extra 1.6 million international visitors are expected to come to Australia as a result of the Games, generating an additional $6.1 billion in tourism earnings. It shows that people may tell their friends and families to visit the city, and they need to use accommodations of the city, more and more people will be interested in and understand the city, such as the history, the language and the location. It is a fast way to introduce the city to the world by the Olympic Games.

Economic Profit
Economic profit always has had a profound economic impact on a modern city. Every four years, the Olympic Games is hosted in different cities. For instance, there were 205 countries that participated and enjoyed the Olympic Games in...
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