The Benedictine's Effect on the Catholic Church

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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The Benedictine’s Effect on the Catholic Church
Moral, spiritual and prosperity guidance was brought to many people through the Benedictine Rule and Order. The Benedictine Rule may have seemed harsh; however for the Catholic Church, it created many architectural achievements, agricultural prosperity, emergence of schools and universities and produced some of the greatest writers and scholars in the world. The most common form of monasticism in Europe during the Middle Ages was the Benedictine monasticism (Ramirez et al. 364). Even though the Benedictine tradition started in the third century, many regard St. Benedict of Nursia as the founder and guide. Born as the son of a wealthy Roman noble family in 480, Benedict wanted to escape the corruption of the world around him. Not necessarily wanting to become a hermit but to find a place away from the city, Benedict retreated back to the mountains to create 12 small monasteries (Alston). Benedict’s dedication to God inspired a number of other Christians, who wanted to live as he did. After some persuasion by his followers, Benedict founded the monastery in 529 at Monte Cassino, located in Italy, and became Cassino’s first abbot (Ramierz et al. 364). Mount Cassino was also the home where Benedict wrote The Rule of St. Benedict (The Rule), and was for many centuries the leading monastery in Western Europe. When The Rule was written, Benedict made sure it was written in a way that anyone could understand it and use it to live the type of life presented

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in the Gospel. Eventually The Rule found its way to monasteries in other countries and became the rule of choice for monasteries of Europe from the ninth century onwards (Alston). Benedict was a tough guy, his standards of obedience, humility, and contemplation can sound very harsh. However, his rule has helped millions to lead simpler lives. Benedict's Rule of life includes worship, work, study, prayer, and relaxation. No one is alone;...
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