The Behavior Caused by Different Type of Employee When They Faced Strict Management System

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The behavior caused by different type of employee when they faced strict management system

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Employee relations is the critical area in Human Resource Management because living environment of enterprises depend on employees, employees are closely allied to goal of business. That is to say, good employee relations can help enterprises to increase satisfaction of employees, thus employees can support to production management objective of enterprise. This essay will analyze through two aspects to critically assess the argument that is “Enterprise increased efforts by management to control employee behavior simply lead to reciprocal efforts by employees to resist that control ”. On the one hand, business increased efforts by management to control employee behavior, generally speaking, this activity will create negative attitude for mental ability workers. Such as IT industry, this industry of highly qualified professional. To realize self-value is an obvious target for them, they need more stringent environment to develop new products and advance an idea. They will feel boring if business uses drastic measures for them, then enterprise will loss of the talents and that sort of resistance. On the other hand, if business increased efforts by management to control employee behavior, this activity will not resist for employees of manual workers under normal conditions. These kinds of employees usually focus on wages, they according to management requirements to finish their works on production line. So they can adapt to more strict control.

According to these two kinds of industry, it can analyze: it needs to control suitably when it is a stringent environment in business, at the same time, it needs a little human-based management for employee, although it is celebrated for its rigorously enforce rules and regulations. It follows that, this argument need to analysis different employees, then answer the question, even if this essay listed two kinds of industry, it just found general feature, it is not the only solution. On account of the different positions in different businesses and they have different background, therefore enterprises should use different management measures for them.

Arguments for

The meaning of this passage will illustrate argument that business increased efforts by management to control employee behavior simply lead to reciprocal efforts by employees to resist that control. The reason is very simply, as mental ability workers, a lot of them have well educated, they have open mode of thinking, they pay more attention to bring forth new ideas, they do not like be fettered by measures for administration, Like this kind of employees, they have stronger independence, there are a lot of knowledge in their brain, any businesses cannot direct them, this kind of employee is inclined to be flexible and diversified forms for management. [1]

Besides, it is difficult to use time management for them because they prefer to give full scope to creativity according to circumstances. It means that they will forget time when inspiration arises in their brain, by contraries, when they play bad, they cannot finished any work although it is working hours.

For one thing, as marketing personnel, they have different customer, employees need to work out a plan for their consumers and have a meeting according to needs of them. The date and hour is unfixed, employee may be spend time on working hours or closing time. Just fancy, if business increased efforts by management to control employee behavior, these employees are fettered by management, they cannot give play to strong points namely flexible strategy and tactics, then the phenomenon will influence achievement of employees, of course they will resist that control.

Some people think that Sale force is a kind of mental worker. Sale force is important component part in some industry, such as insurance industry. Like these industry,...
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