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The Beginning of Autum

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The Beginning of Autum

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  • May 2005
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The beginning of autumn

It had been raining all day, and Irma had started to feel the symptoms of the flu. She always suffered during the season of allergies, and autumn always brought dust with it. At the end of the day, Enrique, her husband, came home and asked her to accompany him to Monterrey the next day. He was in the middle of a big deal of his professional career, and someone wanted him over there taking charge of his business, it was imperative he attend that appointment! It was the only opportunity he had or they would hire someone else for the new position. In her rushed packing she included some newborn's clothes into their baggage by mistake. She had planned to stop by the hospital to pay the balance for her new daughter's delivery scheduled the following month, but she wouldn't have time. They woke up early in the next morning and she felt worse with her flu and allergies, so she decided to take some medicine, "once we got there, I will be ok, and then we'll come back, and I will be able to rest" she thought. They arrived at the bus station and on the way Enrique bought a newspaper. The top heading read move to "NY Mets go into 1st place after trailing for 12 games"(citation. He got excited because his father had always followed the Mets very closely (Escobar). They arrived around 5:00 in the morning, and stopped for something to eat. Enrique's appointment was schedule for 9:00 a.m., so they had enough time to get breakfast. She got out of the car, and she felt a little dizzy, but she didn't give it any importance. They entered the restaurant, and she asked for her favorite meal, "Machacado con huevo". As she was about to take the first bite, she felt water between her legs. "Oh my God!!! Its time", she screamed. Enrique paid the check without eating anything and asked for the closest hospital. As soon as Irma got into the car, she fainted. Enrique was so nervous that he overlooked the first hospital in sight and kept driving. Finally they...

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