The Beauty of Girls and Cars

Topics: Automobile, Cadillac, All That You Can't Leave Behind Pages: 3 (1435 words) Published: May 10, 2011
The Beauty of Cars and Girls
In this world, there are two things that men dream of having a hot girl for a date and a fast car to drive around and be the envy of everyone. Admiring the beauty of a car is that feeling inside of you, that cannot be contained and that you want to have it. The unique structure they have, they nice and shiny color the come out with, the accessories that cars come with and some others that you can put on, that is what makes a car very unique, every unique thing they have makes them perfect.

People just love cars. We cannot live without them. They make our lives much easier, makes you feel more secure. Although sometimes cars need the brakes to be changed because they run out of control and can cause a lot of trouble. Cars ultimately give us a power of authority we feel like we are in control, but if you are not careful disaster can happen in a matter of seconds. For as long I can remember, women have been at times, compared to cars. Girls are best of the evening for men especially who are interested in events like fashion shows and motor shows. These women have the power to make a man give them the world just by dating them, making them feel they have a chance with them, do things as they please with one end, which is control. Cars on the other hand can be a type of girl magnet. Along with their sleek designs and modified engines, they rule the streets and beat the competition anywhere they go. To men, girls and cars have certain qualifications and these are the looks, the body and their power to attract men. Men can find a car and a girl very complex and difficult to understand meaning that cars can vary from standard all the way to luxury cars, men feel an attraction to the car that they like, but not knowing the complex and the difficulty men will encounter. Cars are difficult with the new technology that they have, they don’t come out like in old days just standard. As time goes by cars come out more and more complex, having...
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